• i get offended sometimes when people dont want to hang out with me
    • Linda Joy
      If I were near you I'd hang out with you. I'd sit next to you at the senior center and eat lunch with you. What else do you like to do?
  • Are you eyeballin' me, mister?
  • Your eye is really big.
    • Linda Joy
      does that offend you? LOL
  • I find myself to be ONended. Not sure what that means.
  • Sometimes when the rich get all the tax breaks, or when the price of beer goes up. outside of that not offended at all. (comes from living under a rock)
  • I'm offended that people are offended, and not offended when they are offended. In which case, I end up getting offended that they are offended at something they deemed offending. When in fact any offending may only have been unintentional and the offending could have been less offending if they had simply walked on!
  • I'm not just offended I'm downright butthurt!
  • I'm not a snowflake. I can put up with other people's opinions.
  • Less and less as I get older. It is a ridiculous response get get offended just because someone else is offended.
  • Oh yeah, when the judge believes the witnesses lie.
  • I don't get "offended". I do get irritated that there are so many people who have accepted political correctness as their moral compass to follow. PC is a Communist concept and has no place in America. Those who choose to adopt it know nothing about Communism - but accept it anyway. So I question their cognitive ability to make rational decisions that affect everyone around them. The result of their "decision-making" thus far has landed us on the brink of a civil war.
  • I'm offended as hell that my vote was stolen. I'm offended that the America I grew up in is in the crapper because the people we voted into office sold this country out to China and Russia communists. I'm offended I have to wear a mask when I go shopping and these same sell-outs are insisting I get a vaccine that is NOT FDA approved and will rewrite my effin' DNA!!!
  • I rarely get offended.

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