• I don't believe it makes it any fuller, but it is nourishing and will make it shiny, I have heard that beer was used as conditioner by the Ancient Egyptians. Some shampoos have beer as an ingredient, which is probably the simplest way to use it (Linco Beer is about the best). If you do rinse with actual beer use an organic real ale (preferably a home brew) to get the maximum nutrients and minimal chemicals (commercial beers are full of horrendous unpronouncable things you wouldn't want to even drink most of the time), and rinse with cold water afterwards. Don't whatever you do rinse with lager dregs from your local- you'll only succed in making yourself smell like an alcoholic! Since first writing this answer I also came across the suggestion that beer could be used as a styling product used on damp hair instead of mousse, giving increased body. I haven't tried it yet, and it sounds a bit stinky, but if you want to give it a go, here's the link: This hairdressing site suggests beer as a rinse (and also other bizarre household products, its worth a look):
  • No exactly, I used to be a hairdresser trained at a college and worked in the industry for long enough to give some fairly sound advice. Beer rinses using proper brewed real beer not chemical beer. adds a coating to the hair a bit like a hairspray leaves a residue. This is why when I was first training as a hairdresser I was taught that you can use the beer as a setting lotion as it holds the hair into a style and gives it body. With continued use in the form of beer shampoo which you used to be able to purchase over here in New Zealand. This makes the hair seem thicker due to the residue left on the hair fibre. Another thing is that the hops in brewed beer apparently do have an effect on the hair something to do with a minor swelling of the hair shaft. Whether this is scientifically possible and true I do not know. Though my own mother used to use beer shampoo and found it great for her extra fine hair. You can find recipes for Beer Shampoo some better than others. Do not use plain chemical beer it has to be traditional real brewed beer made from hops for it to work. Make sure to in frequently change your shampoo if you find the affect wears off and then go back to using it again after a few weeks. This is just due to your hair being used to the residue build up which starts to wear off after a few weeks. The same thing many commercial hair products do which contain artificial bulking agents in them. Other Items for hair which can create the illusion of a thicker more managable appearance to the hair or be used to hold the hair in place are as follows Beer, Milk (yes that's right milk, not it won't smell once it dries) (also milk can be used to straighten the hair) Lemons. Lemon hairspray recipe Slowly bring to the Boil two or three whole lemons cut in half, skin, pith and all in enough water to just cover them strain, let cool this may go very thick when cold. If so dilute with water and put in a spray bottle. Works like hairspray but lightens the hair a little. Must keep all natural items labeled properly and in the fridge they do not contain preservatives, well besides the beer that is. Modelling agencies in the USA use a trick for models to give them shiny hair. Some hairstylist use added voldka to their shampoo. How much you ask? I am not sure I will have to look up the recipe and get back to you. I heard a woman on Oprah who is a modelling agency makeup and hair woman mention it. This was something like one part Voldka to two parts shampoo. Try a basic fairly chemical free shampoo. And something un-related to the hair thing for an instant tanner that looks natural when you run out of yours or need a nice smooth tan. Add a sprinkle of dark face powder to a couple of drops of mineral (baby) oil and mix apply to skin and rub in thoughoughly should produce a nice natural tan if done correctly in the right shade and quantities. Many of these recipes should be floating around on the net though there are some more advanced ones such as permanant hair colours made from natural ingredients which are a little more complicated. For anyone wanting to colour their hair with natural colours to avoid the chemicals in some hair tints that can cause bladder cancer as shown in a new study about hairdressers and clients whom have their hair coloured frequently. then try a book by June Thornton called `make your own cosmetics' it's printed in NZ under penguin books it has everything from natural creams to hair colours that really work. Good luck Beer gives you are more full bouncy look on fine hair BTW
  • I have used beer. I was told to let it go flat then use it. It worked great as a rinser, much as vinegar does. It gets out hair sprays and other products that tend to stay in the hair even after several washings. After the beer rinse, I would use my shampoo again, so that if I got pulled over the cop wouldn't think that I had hit the bar and then the road.
  • the sugar and yeast in any beer adds volume to hair. rinse hair with 12ozs of beer and rinse with warm water.
  • I think - yes...but the smell ain't worth it.
  • only if its chest hair
  • The hair or the beer?
  • Maybe, but I would certainly not drink it.
  • As far as I know, beer contains alot of protein - and protein is good for hair strength and growth.
  • it adds volume and thickness but it wont make it stronger
  • Yes, it does work. It makes hair appear lush and full, although only temporarily, meaning until you shampoo next.

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