• 8-15-2017 Most of the questions I have seen lately were hypothetical wrong. It's religious: the whole country is possessed by a spirit of stupid.
    • Linda Joy
      Perspective dear! Technically most people are of average intelligence.
    • Jewels Vern
      Well, it might rain too, you know.
    • Linda Joy
      It did here today. In fact back in May we got over 2 .5 " in one day breaking a record. We've had a fairly wet summer as I recall it.
  • I think the problem you have now is that many people don't have socialization skills because they've had their heads buried in their phones for far too long and have lost the fine art of actually talking to someone face to face. Just sayin'.
    • mushroom
      I agree fully. When we "emailed" each other, it was a geeky thing just to show we could. Watch the kids now sitting back-to-back texting each other. At least it's quiet.
    • Archie Bunker
      I never understood that with my daughter. Her and her girlfriends would be in the back of the car. Quiet as a church. What are you guys doing back there? Texting each other. What??
    • Linda Joy
      When I emailed people it was for the purpose of communication. And I was very thankful for text editors so I didn't have to start over every time I made a mistake. I'm also thankful that I can easily replace a word for a more precise or more accurately descriptive term. From what I remember of having kids around quiet is good! But ultimately, parents need to parent. If they are actually talking to their children they are teaching communication skills. My father was never there and my mentally damaged mother was only half there. What chance did I have? Yet I learned to communicate, and quite well, I've been told. I don't think its the fault of the tool. I think its a lack of parenting - proper instruction, supervision, training and discipline of the child on how it is to be used. But then again, my son was an adult by the time he had internet at home or a cell phone so I didn't have to do it. But my question was referring to how I answer the relationship and dating questions that were prevalent at the time I asked this question.
    • Archie Bunker
      Why have parents actually do the parenting when the kids can just take an "adulting" class in college? That's where they'll learn.

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