• Just as well as it is part of Unit #1 in which there are no more states when the New Word Order comes into reality. That is happening sooner than you may think.
  • I think Mexico is first in line.
    • Thinker
      Mexico and Canada are both parts of Unit #1
  • With Trump in charge not anytime soon.
    • Hardcore Conservative
      Being that they've been talking about it for over 50 years, I don't think the current President has anything to do with it. And tie that with the fact that there are more Puerto Ricans living in the US than in Puerto Rico, I don't think many of them are concerned about it.
  • 6-18-2017 It appears that most of them don't want in, and several states want out. Hawaii, for instance, wants to restart their religion. Hawaiians have a problem, though: they don't want to work, so they imported Filipinos to work the plantations. Now the most common native language there is Tagalog.
  • Considering the low turnout, 97% of voters voted in favor of statehood in June of this year. Of course, they're looking for some way to get out of their huge debt and help with their 45% poverty rate, and statehood would help that.
  • anything is possible, you never know
  • I hope so and Guam also
  • Maybe one day.
  • Eventually they will. The economic benefits would be enormous. However they have had at least two opportunities and have rejected both. Only time will tell.😉

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