• If it's 'user-friendly' it means it's easy to use.
  • What I think you're referring to is SEO (Search Engine Optimization), and how to optimize a website so that it ranks high when people search for it. The biggest two factors, in my opinion, are keywords and updating content. Having the right keywords on a page make it more likely for that particular page to show up when those words are typed into a search engine. The other important factor is making sure the website is being updated with new content on a consistent basis. This tells the search engine that there is a good reason to send more users to the website.
  • To make your website search engine friendly do search engine optimization to your website....
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  • To make a website search engine friendly we need to do our website responsive, genuine content, navigation, website design...etc
  • You can easily make any website user-friendly by following given below points: 1.Use Keyword relevant to your Website services 2.Strategically stuff your keywords 3.Add meta tags and description 4.Add meaningful and unique content 5.Use informative images 6.Don't is frames if not needed 7.Create backlinks or incoming links.
  • There are a few simple tricks that you can use to make your web design SEO friendly too. 1. Write a quality and unique content a relevant web page 2. Web page design should be attractive and well looking 3. Easy to execute and browser 4. Put the quotes a relevant website or brands 5. Put another website links
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  • There are a lot of aspects of SEO that you need to consider for making the site search engine friendly. It is not a one-click method, for this, you have to learned SEO(for example autoxloo) or hire some agency for SEO optimisation.
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  • Cookies and milk. Give out cookies and milk and anyone will be your friend.
    • Linda Joy
      Alcohol sometimes makes people very friendly!

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