• Active stimulation of communication skills, curiosity in how and what people express and fellow questioners i have come to appreciate like you.
  • They give free french fries every months.
    • Percussion
      No way! No one ever told me about the fries. I sure could go for some curly seasoned fires right now.
    • Cats & Dolphins
    • Myang
      who are they? :D
  • The money
    • Cats & Dolphins
      I heard a rumour they give everyone $5 000 a week!
    • Myang
    • Linda Joy
      Just the smart ones ;-) ;-)
  • Keeping the lines of communication open. Sure wish he was here, with me, at this moment.
  • not sure, i just do
  • Boredom?
    • Myang
      probably my top reason why ;)
  • Because the other site I go to sucks.
    • Myang
      this is funny true!
  • not sure, im not one of the leaders
    • Myang
      you can make it!
  • The knowledge and life experience I have can possibly help someone. So far abouut 75 percent of the questions are simply made up to see their name on the screen or trying to earn points.
    • Ice man
      Actually, you are mistaken. 90 to 95% of the questions you are answering aren't going to help their authors at all, because they are no longer here to see your answers. 90 to 95% of the questions are being recycled from several earlier versions of Answerbag. Many of which are irrelevant today. The question you answered about "Gotti" was 14 years old. There are a few of us "originals" that still come here, but because of the lack of features we had in earlier versions the old crowd don't generally stick around very long anymore. There is a fistful of us that try to post new questions for people to answer. And just so you know... there is no point system, so don't be afraid to click on the "thumbs up" once in awhile. As Myang said the weekly leader board is easy to get on, and is really only there to encourage newbies (like yourself) to ASK questions, try it sometime. If we had more people asking questions then maybe the admin wouldn't need to recycle the old shit as space filler.
    • Mircat
      Im aware, recently, that the questions are old. Did i miss where you see the dates? I also know that the majority of the questions suck. I would have said 90 percent or more but I was trying to be polite to what appears to be a few regulars. Answering questions keeps me from going shopping. I've given a few thumbs up but its amazing how many lousy answers there are. I've been to 3 Q&A sites and this is the worst.
    • Ice man
      On the old site the questions were date stamped, (a good thing), which made it easy. Unfortunately the creators of the new site did away with the date stamp, (a bad thing), a bad mistake in my opinion. To determine the age of a question you have to look at the "view #" up in your browsers address field at the top of the page. This one is view/3508862. Anything within about 10,000 of it is from the new site. As the numbers get smaller the "Q" gets older. When you see a View number that has only 3 or 4 digits you're getting back to the beginning of the very first version of the original AB. As for being the worst ... as I said, a lot of the features we had in the past have not been incorporated into the new site and nothing has been updated or progressed in over a year now.
    • Mircat
      I used to answer on Yahoo Answers Now (YAN) and enjoyed it because there were constant fresh questions and and Id get the occasional response it felt good. Unfortunately Verizon bought them and they closed it down. I went to another one but if someone didnt like your answer theyd just complain and youd come back in and find your name removed and not be able to answer. Didnt matter whether it was right or wrong they didn't discussed it so you had to be very careful how you answered which was not reasonable. Theres a guy on here who is big on that site leader board king.
    • Mircat
      Thank you for info finding date numbers. So if this one is a 7 digit 3 million number and I find a 6 digit around 400 thousand thats an old one? If so then this site sticks old questions in to make them look new, recycling.?
    • Ice man
  • As you know, I changed jobs so I'm not around as much as I'd like to be, but I keep coming back to talk and joke around with my friends ... like you. : ) P.S. How is your new job ? Do you still like it ?
    • Wakko
      Did you change username and avi, too? I was here, too, and don't remember you at all.
  • Damned if I know. Perhaps should discuss it in therapy.
  • I check to see if the promised chat and points are finished.
  • I participate in two question & answer websites and watch some quiz shows on TV to test my wits.
  • I still get to throw my dry wit in at some of the new questions. Unfortunately, there isn't a whole lot of back and forth on the questions nowadays.
  • I have questions to ask and answers to share! I didn't wade through all the garbage I've been through in my life just to come out stinking! The only way it can be worth it is if I help others around the same obstacles or help them get through it! (like others sometimes did for me) And many here have information I can use to make my life better as well, not to mention the friendships I've developed over the year and a half I've been here so far. And after reading some of these posts I'd like to add that I answer questions not just for the person who asked but others who come to look at these questions after we've gone as well. I was able to learn from Nelson. I never knew him when he was alive, but he has helped me to see my own frailties with a different perspective and inspired me to be helpful even when I can't get out of bed anymore just by his example and me coming here to learn of him because of the questions he asked and answered.
  • It's only my second day here, and so far it's better than AOR, so there's that.
  • Well, now that I have been here a bit. It has to be stubbornness on my part, because this is one of the least active sites that I have ever been on.
  • I wan't AB to be jumpin' again. I'm doing my part.
  • i like it here
  • Finding questions I have knowledge about
  • Sharing answers. Connecting people to the information they need is a good way to retain knowledge.

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