• Yes. There are too many kinds of "hurt" to be able to relate to them all.
  • That is sooo deep, I don't have enough fishing line to touch the bottom of it.
  • No. As pain is not something worth the time to understand. Cure it quick and quietly rather than let the person suffer.
    • Linda Joy
      don't tell me you've never heard of chronic pain or psychological pain emotional pain of course it's worth understanding
    • Love Others
      Feeling understood and heard is part of the "cure". Just to have someone with them, who sees a piece of their soul, even if we can't understand all of it, at least we can understand the part they are revealing to us. We are all human and have the same basic emotions. We all know what sadness feels like, what disappointment feels like, loneliness, rejection, or whatever the person is feeling. The story that led to those emotions might be different from ours, but the emotions are still relatable.
  • You just can't wish away chronic pain.
    • Linda Joy
      I understand
  • And so sad that it happens in what is supposedly the Nation of the World, the U.S. The pains here has mainly to do with crime, neglect, torture, beatings, insults, hair pulling, biting, arguing, telling parents off, telling children off, spousal affairs, multiple sex partners which bring STD'S, kids telling parents they are old enough, F** the police, Screw what you all say, I never asked for you opinion, anal sex guidelines in 4th grade, underage prostitution rings frequented by adults, bills, bills, bills, bills, bills, being evicted, having house foreclosed, neighbors bulldozing on your part of the property, bills, debt collectors, bills, bills, bills, being slipped date rape drugs in drinks, drunk driving, getting raped, having homes broken into, being visited by strangers/robbers while asleep in bed, being censored, being wrong even though right and others... In other places it might be; not enough rain, droughts, not having enough tourists visit, being told they suck, being told they are 3rd or 4th world, being looked down upon because of monies or lack of... I don't know.. The U.K is similar to The U.S in a way.. So yeah, it's kinda screwy...
  • Yes. Mental illness can be a different kind of pain that is difficult for most people to understand.
  • I think if we could totally understand someones pain, the love that would pour out of that moment would be immense. Most of the time this thought helps me to be more present with people in pain.
    • Linda Joy
      I'm glad you get it! That gives me hope for humanity!
  • If you haven't experienced it yourself it is out of everyone's understanding.

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