• PETA would be pissed.
  • No need for them to waste time on you. As the ants would rip you to shreds before you even got your zipper back up. Death by ants is a horrible way to die. They would crawl up your legs stinging and biting you all the way until you fall over. Then the rest would crawl down your throat until you chocked to death. You would feed the nest for a whole year or more.
    • Ice man
      I didn't bother to take the time (but I will later) to view your answer. Good luck with your assertions to be popular. You're gonna need it.!!
  • I don't think so...I'm pretty sure that's how piss ants got their name...This is cool:
    • Ice man
      Thank you so much my friend, I truly need some help here, and I've always found your's to be the very best !!
    • Ice man
      Cool video, by the way, I'm going to try that.
  • You would have some explaining to do to "Atom Ant."
    • Ice man
      Damn it ! You're right... I'll face him myself. Thank you .. Boo -t-ful- one!!
    • Boola Boo
      : )
  • Probably not. I'm wondering if there is a purpose, other than simply finding a target for relieving yourself? Entertainment? You don't even have fire ants up there do you?
    • Ice man
      Motive - revenge. No we don't have fire ants, but we do have about every other kind of ant and every spring they invade my house. For the last month I've been poisoning and swatting them constantly. I think I've killed 5 or 6 hives already and I see I have a new batch coming in. As they travel through they piss leaving a scent trail for others to follow ... so I figure if they can piss all over MY house ... why shouldn't I piss all over theirs ?
    • Linda Joy
      Lol! Oh my! You know peppermint cinnamon and cayenne pepper are natural repellents right let me look some up for you Good luck!
    • Ice man
      Thanks, I've tried all the home remedies in the past and nothing works better than Borax. They take it back to the hive and it wipes out the whole colony, but it takes about a week so I keep my trusty fly swatter handy .
  • 5-18-2017 If there is a witness you can be charged with a sex crime in some states. Then you have to register your residence for the rest of your life.
    • Ice man
      Good thing I live in Canada, eh? : )

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