• Impossible to do. You can have an accident just getting out of your bed. How would you ban that?
  • Aaw. ((hugs)) Everything okay Linda?
    • Linda Joy
      Everything's great today! Thanks for asking!
  • definitely, i hate them, i hate doing stuff like falling by accident and hitting my head, have had that happen to me twice, not to mention breaking ribs, i think accidents should be done away with altogether
    • Linda Joy
      Ooh! Tough break! No really! I've broken a couple ribs myself they hurt bad!
    • pearllederman
      i know, so does hitting your head
  • Then how would you have been born? (sorry, for the comeback, it's not meant to be personal to you)
  • How could one even go about banning accidents? What about old age - that causes a lot of deaths too - but to ban getting older we'd have to kill them while they're young.
    • Linda Joy
      Yeah this was sarcasm aimed at people who want to legislate everything. I'll settle for both being banned in the next life.
  • 6-5-2017 Yes, and I think hospitals should all be closed because so many people who go there die.
  • Accidents are accidents. We can't just ban them.
    • Linda Joy
      This was sarcasm aimed at people who want to ban everything
  • We should stop banning things. Let's ban, banning stuff. And I hate protests. Next protest I see, I'm gonna go protest the protest. The problem you'd have then is you'd have to ban protests. And then you'd have protestors protesting the ban. Jeezus...I feel like a hippie already.
    • Linda Joy
      thanks I needed that! LOL
  • How do they compare with abortions?
  • Hurricanes or earthquakes could not uproot or shake me up when I remember who I am. Neither and "accident".
  • Wishful thinking without common sense.
  • You can’t ban what you can’t control. Accidents can happen to anyone at any moment. It’s impossible to predict certain accidents while other situations can be observed to take action in order to avoid obvious accidents from happening.
    • Linda Joy
      First of all, this was a joke, secondly banning something doesn't eliminate it, it just makes it illegal.
    • Shadow Of The Mind
      Well now I know it’s only a joke
  • A "joke"? You sure you're not turning into one of [[ **THEM** ]]???
    • Linda Joy
      I'm sure it was a joke from the time I thought of it. But I'll admit some days I'm slower than others, and senility could be just around the corner, you never know!

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