• My spinal cord has been severed.
  • I don't. My grandson used to rock and bounce his head off the back of the couch. He actually popped the spring out the back of the couch. So then he moved over to the next one! Lol I miss him. I got him a rocking horse and he rode it so vigorously he put blisters on his hands and poped them before he came to me and told me that they hurt. He's ADHD.
  • REPOST BECAUSE AB ERASED ORIGINAL ANSWER:.............Not possible for me. I'm a constant fidgeter.
  • Meditation Daily
    • Linda Joy
      Is it okay to rock back and forth while you meditate? I get distracted, too. Movement, sounds, the ten thoughts per second running through my mind... Ok, I admit I suck at meditating! I have to pray not to be distracted before i read Scriptures! And even then I have to listen to the audio of someone else reading it to me so I have to keep up and not let my mind wander!
    • Roaring
      Rocking sure. Distractions are a part of the process, even after 40 years of practice. Every distraction or busy thought or annoying sound or sensation are all part of presence sometime. My commitment is to stay with what is present and notice how it affects you. The three foundations I use when I facilitate or practice alone is: 1)Breath----a little deeper-----a little slower 2)Posture alert yet relaxed(Jewels said it well) 3)Awareness-----Present-----Patient-----Kind and Loving no matter what shows up---------Notice-------Release-------Notice-------Release. Weather a thought a sound a sensation-----Notice------Release. So the meditation I am accustomed to doesn't try to change anything actively, rather return to present awareness if you find yourself drifting off or distracted or problem solving or anything else, gently return attention to the present moment. Lighting a candle and incense and/or practicing with others may help.
  • 5-8-2017 When you sit, roll your hips forward so your spine is straightened and your back does not touch the chair. You will notice an immediate improvement in breathing and alertness. You can stay awake as long as you don't slip back into a slouch.

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