• Praying works well for me. It helps to be in tune with The Spirit, and you need to be sure and listen. If the answer is yes, you will feel a burning in your bosom and a knowing that its right. If its not true you will have a stupor of thought or confusion.
  • There actually is a scripture that states , all the decisions from the lots cast into the lap are His. In Old Testament days when they needed to ascertain God's will in certain matters lots were cast and the outcome was to represent His will. There was one battle that was lost and it was thought that the reason was that someone had done something to cause disfavor with the Almighty. Lots were cast to determine first the tribe then the family and then which member of the family was the offender. The person confessed and was put to death. The next battle was won. The Urman and Thurman served this same purpose. (Stones kept in the High Priests garment)
    • Linda Joy
      Urim and thummim. They were also buried with the Book of Mormon.
    • Linda Joy
      Lots were also cast for the robe of Christ after he was flogged and before he was crucified.
    • Anoname
      Mormons abuse the Ulman and Thurman mentioned in the biblical scriptures to add authenticity to their own religion.
    • Linda Joy
      I know nothing more assuredly than what's been testified to me by The Spirit.
  • If you ask me, "praying" doesn't require a god belief. Just think of what you need, and then go about your business, it will show up. That may or may not sound silly to you, but if you pay attention to how life tends to go, you'll see it works that way. Let me ask you this, does a flower have to think about WHERE it will get oxygen? HOW it will get water? Does it have to beg someone for it? Nope. It just "knows" what it needs, and that's all the awareness it has. So it gets what it needs. (Does not your Christian book say "Ask and you'll receive"? Well, I'm saying you god believers don't pray effectively, because you think you're asking a being, and have to justify your request and make deals. But even in your book, "ask and you'll receive" actually does refer to the method I describe. It even speaks of a mustard seed knowing how to be what it is better than humans usually do. Because humans have a brain to think with, and they screw up the message they're sending with thoughts. It's only just the awareness of the need you have itself that should be 'sent'. A plant gets it right. A human botches it by deal-making and doubting.). When you use that kind of perfect (-ly unspoiled by thought) awareness, you will find what you need just sort of comes. Wayne Dyer (who writes books, appears on PBS at pledge time each year, talks about spirituality in a generic sort of way) says it like this.. "Don't tell God how to deliver" (meaning, think of what you need - not how you can end up with it. Just think of IT itself, the thing you need. Imagine yourself with it, think of the qualities it needs to have, BUT STOP THERE, DON'T TELL GOD HOW TO DELIVER IT (by trying to imagine HOW you could end up with it, or where it could come from...if you do, you will screw it up and get nothing (because invariably, wondering where and how involves thinking of doubt about getting it at all, and you do get whatever you think of! So yes all that begging and rationalizing you do when you pray screws it up entirely! You're telling the universe "DON'T give me what I need. Give me DOUBT that you will." *shrug*) ..So just see it in your mind, forget it and go about your business. That's the only "praying" I know of that's real. The kind where you beg and deal-make with an invisible omnipotence is just... thinking the fictional characters in a myth (invented by cavemen!) is real. Fictional characters in a play! Why not insist Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny actually exist too! ...*shakes head*. But forget that part of what I've said, because for "believers", it's fuel for argument. Just remember this if you can --> You are a flower in a field. You need water? Just be thirsty! -- That simple. Life isn't supposed to be hard!
  • Actually God does not have time to play lucky charms with scoffers.
  • 7-27-2017 Luke 4:5 And the devil, taking him up into an high mountain, shewed unto him all the kingdoms of the world in a moment of time. 6 And the devil said unto him, All this power will I give thee, and the glory of them: for that is delivered unto me; and to whomsoever I will I give it. -- "Delivered unto me," get it? Satan is the god of earthly authority. So God does not control everything. It is silly to think you can force God to do tricks by buying insurance or performing magic ceremonies or making up stupid "if" statements.
  • you might
  • try it and see
  • I'd consult the "Magic 8 Ball" for an answer to that.
  • No. Learning to hear from God is not something one flips a coin to do. You pray and you wait. His timing is not our timing, so we never know how long we must wait before receiving an answer, if even what we are asking is within His will. His will, His timing.
  • you nnight
  • God has power over everything, he does not "control" everything - we are not living in a factory universe. Mentality like this is probably why you're so easily stuck on what to do. You're indecisive and probably cowardly by nature, thus look for excuses for your procrastination.
  • It it commendable that your are interested in getting guidance from God in order to make the best decision for yourself. You are definitely moving in the right direction. Rather than flip a coin, look for the answer in your copy of the Holy Scriptures. It may have a word index in the back that could lead you to various scriptures based on the subject that has you perplexed. It would be great if you began with a heartfelt prayer asking for clear direction on the matter. If you still need further insight, read the book of Proverbs, it is a solid guide for those of us who lack experience.
  • If you believe that God controls everything then putting your faith in a coin toss is a good idea because God will adjust the results. Be careful though because God frequently "works in mysterious ways" and he might mysteriously give you a wrong answer.

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