• Yep it sure is.
    • CosmicWunderkind
      I don't like Trumps wall period. I don't like his anti environmental stance. I don't appeal to his tax cuts for the wealthy or his cutting off of funding for art. He treats people like crap and this is how he build his ladder? Trump and Russia and his bombing and tweeting? Nut'n nice Trump. Oh yeah, only after a science march does he concede science is valuable.
    • Jewels Vern
      Art sponsored by political money is not art, it is indoctrination. Art gets along just fine when sponsored by private customers.
  • 4-23-2017 Every dominant culture eventually collapses, all in the same general manner and for the same general reasons. No country has ever avoided the slide to oblivion once the symptoms showed. The USA has been showing symptoms of collapse since WW2. Free ebook:
  • I don't think so, but then to me America is the people and not their government. And while the evil are becoming more evil the good are becoming even better! I guess it also depends on with whom you surround yourself.
    • Linda Joy
      Also I think the bad is focused on more. I love seeing the stories of people doing good. Unfortunately too many people seek out the bad just to subsequently complain about it. I don't understand.
    • Jewels Vern
      Read the book I linked to. It is quite fascinating.
    • Linda Joy
      Sorry, it sounds like a real downer and stealer of hope, unless they are suggesting ways to improve upon it I don't think I'd be interested.
  • Yes,people demand we knock down the over 600 miles of the border fence that Bill Clinton and democrats all voted yes for in 1994.We also need to be nice and let every immigrant that wants to be allowed to.They are all great hard workers and we need them.
    • Linda Joy
      Some, but NOT all. Arizona's problems being a prime example, as well as 9/11. Still, the fence on our southern border is not the answer.

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