• You are.
    • sami123qa
    • Linda Joy
      No seriously. Anoname who do you aspire to become? I have mixed feelings about the welfare systems. I think we need a return to neighbors helping neighbors. And Christians helping the poor, widowed and disabled. I don't think it's the government's jobs to support half the country in exchange for their votes. I really need to try and do that sleeping thing again. I'd like to be able to go to the family history center tomorrow.
    • Linda Joy
      Linda Joy impersonating Mr. Pants: Mouth drops open Blink! Blink blink Runs away!
    • Anoname
      I've had my own homeless ministry before. I'd literally go under the bridges where they'd stay, try to get them de-toxed and then reunite them with their families.
    • Linda Joy
      I only just saw this. That's admirable. I wouldn't feel qualified to do detox. One of my girls is on soboxone.
  • helping people find meditation
  • Lord Jesus.
  • To know more truth about the Lord Jesus and teach others of His infinite love. Not the lies of the church and man.
  • I had a job I loved and lived in the only place way from the beach I was happy at. Now I am making plans for assisted living in a place I can't stand on any level. My passion is getting back the the beach. I don't want to die in this state. When I take my last breath I hope it is salty air with the sound of a fog horn in the background.
  • Making lots of money Fetish & Swingers Clubs & Lifestyle TV /TS Clubs Nudist Clubs & Beaches Having lots of threesomes & having fun at orgies working out martial arts owning a big house living near the seaside target practice good food travelling the world owning my own nightclub having a massive libary
    • Linda Joy
      What martial arts do you study? What sort of target practice? What kind of food is your passion? Where do you want to travel to? What kind of books (other than porn) in your library?
    • Linda Joy
      You are a person none-the-less why would I not want to know about you? Maybe I'm just looking for whatever it is we have in common.
  • i like answersites, i'll get on yahoo answers and help kids out with their family problems
  • Would love to join a scientific group and so a study on animals or nature. Did this when I was younger. Would also have the passion to be a meteorologist and go too the storm now that's a cool job.
  • He is. But today, I have to get back to my homework. ((((((Hugs and kissies ))))))
  • "Linda Joy's" "according to a recent survey" questions. Awesome !
  • not sure right now

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