• Blimey. I was only just contemplating the offspring of Beaker and Mr. Pants. Miraculous conception. Me and you could be the new Joseph and Virgin Mary. I'll let you choose which one you want to be.
    • Mr PantsFellDown
      Ah well, you might just have to make an honest sock puppet of me now then. Ya fertile li'l monkey, ye (doing another accent) (doesnt matter which one, cuz only Mr Pants can hear these) ...It's like that voice in your head, you know, the one that tells you. "Pick up the axe." "Go ahead, pick it up". "Now walk over to him slowly..." Ya know, THAT voice? ...What? It's just me?? Oh.. *kicks axe under bed* Well I wuz only kidding of course. *pushes axe sharpener into closet* I rarely listen to it anyway. *whistles* So will I get to wear white then?
    • beaker95
      Only if you are a confirmed Virgin. Is your hymen open for inspection?
  • That does not even sound good.
    • Mr PantsFellDown
      (It's not supposed to. ;)
    • Linda Joy
      Ok good

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