• He likes watching his nose and has a runny bird.
    • Mr PantsFellDown
      LOL. I had to look up "bird", as I was sure it must be some British slang I don't understand. Captain Meow was all. "Look up BIG bird!" BIG bird!" And, well,I had to gently point out that he doesn't even have balls anymore, and no one is sure where his "bird" is, with it being smaller than a pencil tip. ..Do ya think I was I too rough on him? Yea, I probably was. He's been licking that thing ever since I said it. *thinks* If I could do that....oh but no...because then I wouldn't be paying for hookers anymore and the local economy would tank, and that would be unpatriotic of Mr Pants.. *waves flag*
  • I think he's watching that lonely woman next door, modeling her underwear in front of the window again. Of course, he doesn't really need binoculars for that, but...if you turn them around backwards, so she looks far away, it's better. ...Um, Captain Meow said. Wait, cats can't talk. I think. *shifty look* *runs away*

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