• My 16th birthday (November 15th 1993), when I had my first pair of platform boots, and I have continued to wear platform boots ever since then, regardless of whether they are currently fashionable or not. The other significant event was March 2nd 2004, when my son was born.
  • when i had to leave my job in a resort over hip implants and now i cant find another one and its been over 5 yrs
    • Linda Joy
      Declining Health was definitely a pivotal point in my life as well. Have you tried looking for a different kind of job?
    • pearllederman
      i tried but people descriminate cause im short so i cant find work, i applying for adult financial and ssi now
    • Linda Joy
      I'm on SSI as well.
  • When I stood on a couple of wooden pivots. I thought "this will change the direction of my life if I fall from this"
    • Linda Joy
      Yeah those broken ankles are no joke! That's the reason I can barely walk now!
  • "The two most important days in your life; the day you are born and the day you find out why." - Mark Twain For me, it was the birth of my child. That's why I was born.
    • Linda Joy
      Do you have any grandchildren yet?
    • Hardcore Conservative
      She's still in high school.
    • Linda Joy
      That didn't necessarily answer the question, but I'll take it as a no.
  • Moving out of my hometown away from the bad elements that made me feel like I was happy partying; marriage; childbirth; retiring EARLY.
    • Linda Joy
      I can agree with the last three. How old were you when you retired, and from what did you retire?
    • lavender
      I was 53 when I retired, and I was a work comp. examiner for 16 1/2 years.
  • having hip innplants and a knee surgery, had to leave the resort where i was at cause of it
  • Going to college

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