• Sheep, I like sheep better. They're woollier and you can get a better grip !
    • beaker95
      I'm thinking about my sister again.....
    • Ice man
      Me too ...
    • beaker95
      Which end do you want...?
    • Ice man
      The one with more wool ...
    • beaker95
      Toss you for it....
    • Ice man
      You will not !! My girlfriend says that's her job now ...
    • beaker95
      I thought she did late shifts at Wal-Mart....?
  • Dogs....their noses are wetter....
    • Ice man
      Wetter than what ?
    • beaker95
      Wetter than a teenager at a Bieber concert.....
    • Anoname
      LOL !
  • You know, in the Falkland Islands, there are three sheep for every man. .......Oh wait, the question was do I like dogs or are amusing, dogs are loyal pals. ...But if you put the sheep's hind legs in your boots, it won't be able to run away! So I'm gonna say......goldfish. Yea, goldfish is the right answer. Wait, can I phone a friend? *runs away*
    • Anoname just leave me speachless.
    • Mr PantsFellDown
    • beaker95
      I love you both, but not enough to have children or goldfish with....
  • I like them both for different reasons. Cats are cool, dogs are loyal.
  • Horses. They're a type of cat I think. Don't worry. They're better than dogs. They don't bark. 😅
    • Creamcrackered
      And you don't mind if they crap in your garden!
    • Heavymetal Horseman
      Oh no, not at all. Horse fertilizer is the best.
  • CATS! they're low maintenance. they go in the litter box. you don't have to walk them like a dog. they're self grooming. you don't have to bathe them. they're soft, cuddly, fun and funny.
  • Cats. Less needy and high maintenance. Dogs are always all over you like a 'clinging vine', slobbering in your face (and usually everywhere else), trying to slip you the tongue, blasting you with doggy breath, chewing up the furniture and tearing up the place if you leave to get groceries for an hour. Barking and howling while you're gone. You have to walk them everyday, plus outside bathroom runs multiple times everyday...where you may have to wait awhile for it to decide the very best place to make a deposit. On walks it turns into a rabid beast the minute it spots another dog. You have to bathe it frequently, either for the doggy funk or because it decided to roll around in roadkill during a walk, and usually that requires strong-arming it into the shower. I'm sure there are lots of other downsides I have forgotten, as I have not had a dog since I was a kid. Dogs are just too much toil compared to a cat. Maybe if I was a weakling, the willingness of a dog to die to protect me would balance the scales...but I'm definitely not, so I prefer cats.
  • Dogs, because you can train dogs to do useful things, cats will just crap in your garden. Cats are responsible for killing a large number of the bird population, and will kill pet rabbits by snapping their necks.
  • a tie, both
  • Dogs. They're much more - well - focused on you. They listen (they're trainable). They're happy to see you. etc. In a nutshell: they're extremely responsive to the owner AND to what the owner wants them to do. A cat does whatever it wants and doesn't much pay attention to you except when its hungry or wants a warm place to sleep (and there's no sunny place available at the moment) or wants some excess fur removed.
  • I personally love dogs because they have unconditional love and they are loyal to their humans. I have a pet dog who is a pug and we have a connection. He is such a beautiful dog on the inside and out. Dogs get washed properly in a bath or shower by their human friends while cats use their own saliva to clean themselves by licking their own body which I think is unhygienic.
  • Dogs. They are loyal, empathetic and playful.

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