• Excluding winnings and inheritance, I think you're looking at passive income. Passive income from investments such as stocks earning and dividends. There's also collecting rents from investment property. All of this requires managing... which is work.
  • Be a sportsman...
  • Invest in Tesla Stock
  • Try gambling. Let us know how that works out for ya.
    • Kescarte DeJudica
      I have been trying that lately actually. going pretty well. slow, but steady.
    • mushroom
      That is also a job.
  • Affiliate marketing (selling digital goods, software, training). but you still need marketing training so you know how to get eyeballs on your site/product.
    • Kescarte DeJudica
      One of the best suggestions yet, thank you.
  • I think there is no place to make money without working, but you can think about stock market investing to make money from anywhere. for this you can use Stocks to Buy Today
    • Chetan Yadav
  • 4-22-2017 Get elected to public office. Coroner is a good one.
  • you cant unless youre on welfare
  • On your back or on your knees. Good times for all.
  • When you do what you love - it's consider a hobby, but you still can get payed for it. I'm app developer here - and I'm freelancer. I like creating new things and I also get salary/ So find your hobby and find someone who well pay you for doing what you want.
  • Other than inheritance, the two main ways to make money are doing something of value to others and gambling/risk. Something of value could be competitive sports, entertainment, advice, research, teaching, building/assembling, repair, or just about anything you've ever done, seen or requested. Gambling could also be a competitive sport and risk includes insurance, credit, technology and finance. Not everything involves heavy physical labor, but if you want to be paid by someone, you'll have to do something they want. Illegal efforts wouldn't fit my definition of "best way."
  • I think investing in cryptocurrency might be the way to go. Which one, though? That's the problem.
    • mushroom
      Blockchain, which is the technology behind cryptos, is a form of encryption. Its usefulness stretches far beyond some type of carnival tokens to authenticating documents such as land titles, personal identity and, yes, deposit receipts. Find some new use for blockchain and get someone to pay to use your "flavor."
  • Become a politician. They seem to make tons of money playing golf and sipping drinks with rich people. Or, if you want a serious answer, there are actually hundreds of ways: invest whatever money you have, post youtube videos of toy reviews, work as a middle-person connecting people who want stuff with the people who want to sell that stuff, or whatever. Me personally, I like to make stuff, so if I'm not soldering components or sanding wood or whatever, I like to record music, write, produce radio shows, etc. It's easy to do and you can make a little money doing what you love to do - it just takes a little patience and pulling a few strings to get started.

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