• The smell of the wine
  • 2-22-2017 The fact that professional tasters can't actually tell cheap wine from expensive wine in blindfolded tests.
  • The taste and refreshment.
  • The variety. It's amazing the different types of wine and how you can select a certain type just right for the occasion. Oh, and the fact it gets you drunk. lol.
  • The unbroken line of vintners since lord knows when.
  • I have had one excellent glass of wine in my lifetime and it was free. I was on a tour many many years ago. Just happened to be there when a special bottle of wine was opened and shared with the guests. I really had no interest in wine until that one glass. There were so many full bodied flavors dancing around in my mouth, it was surprising and unforgettable. Have tried many different wines since then but nothing comes close. Wish I had made a point of finding out the name. I thought all wine would be like that one. Everything else I've tasted since has been a disappointment.
  • The more expensive it is, the quicker I spit it out....I'm a beer drinker. ; )

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