• Hey dear You can delete your yahoo in two ways Firstly, If the hacker doesn't change your password then you just need to follow some steps mentioned here: 1. Enter this Url "" and log in your yahoo account. It will directly open "terminating your yahoo account" page on your browser then enter your password below and click OK. It will permanently delete your yahoo account Or If your password has been changed then first change your password and follows above mention step.You change your password by clicking" Can't access my account".
    • Alicia Wilson
      but hacker change all the information
    • Lui Karlos
      Hey dear, Can you elaborate your question? I mean what kind of information you are taking about!!!!!!!!
  • If you don't remember this, then do one thing just reset your yahoo password. I think this is much better than wasting your time on this. You just need to follow some steps to reset yahoo password. 1. sign in your yahoo account and click on "FORGOT YAHOO PASSWORD" 2 choose one of the option i.e by phone number or by alternate e-mail id to get security key, 3. After this, you can choose your new password. For more help, you can also visit here

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