• Not really, PETA is a radial animals group, that much you have to understand. Its similar to activist groups against human rights violations to protest a video game predicting alot of fighting, war and death. its a desensitized issue by our media, we see these heros wearing fur and we think hell yeah i want fur too, not fully knowing the process of attaining that fur where an animal is killed and skinned. So i dont think their crazy, they're just against much of the desensitizing the entertainment industry loves to feed us. What has become the norm? war, famine, and death is pretty much the most popular entertainment we have in games and movies, promoting a fulfilling life through war and death, romanticizing it to its fullest extent. So thats probably the issue its proclaiming still that wearing animal skins in the future is good, and we should keep doing it.
    • Ice man
      Is that with or without oil ?
    • beaker95
  • I always thought they were a little over the top. But this is ridiculous! They're risking losing all their credibility in my opinion.
    • Ice man
      As far as I'm concerned they lost their credibility a long time ago.
    • Linda Joy
      I gave them them the benefit of the doubt that they were standing up for something they believe in and are passionate about. And I can respect that. I think it's a worthy cause. Even though I'll agree they've taken it too far for quite a while. But this is clearly ridiculous!

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