• Of course we should.
    • Ice man
      I was thinking it might be a better way of reporting all the extra spam that seems to be making it'sway onto the question pages.
  • It would make sense, like many other features of the old AB. The developers have done a very good job so far, we should just give them some more time to make it perfect. It might even become better than before.
    • Ice man
      That is my expectation as well. Nice to see you back. : )
    • iwnit
      Nice to see you back too! :-)
  • I've seen the most spam in the answers, but then it usually disappears so they must be watching. Don't know why you can't flag questions, though.
    • Ice man
      I suspect that it won't be very long in coming. Thanks
  • Well its not a perfect universe.
    • Ice man
      Oh, I hadn't noticed. Thanks. : )
    • Jenny The Great ⭐
      officegirl, but the whole idea of flagging questions is to make "improvements" on this site.
  • Yep, I flag questions that are spam, offensive and nonsense.

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