• None that I can think of...I was a stoner.
    • Ice man
      Oh yes, my very first business venture. lol
    • Azlotto
      Lol...I was ambitious.
  • I did not have any because there was nothing I thought I would be competent enough to do. I just wanted to hang out and enjoy the show. I always worked but it was at more menial jobs like waitressing, street vendor, laundry, maid etc. Was not until my mid 20s I started taking work seriously and got my first office job - I was a short skirt receptionist. Later I worked at a radio station (which I loved) and farming and then took secretarial and computer courses which more or less prepared me for office work which I started in my early 30s.
    • Ice man
      Well it sounds like you got things straightened out before it was too late. Good for you.
  • A visitor at our house asked my dad what I would be when I finished school. My Father replied with a single word ...." OLD ! ". ;-)

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