• Opposite as in dominant to go with my own passive nature, otherwise very similar.
  • I think you need to be compatible for it to last. If you are just too different you won't be socially cohesive. Too much the same and perhaps it will not be complementary enough. I have a partner I am happy with and we are similar socially and politically in our worldview. I have been more free and go-with-the-flow in my life while he has been more straight-laced and focused but I think we respect each other and seek something of the other each for ourselves. I needed more structure in my life while he needed more relaxation.
    • Bootsiebaby
      Some say it is not so much how compatible or not a couple may be, but it is how they handle their incompatibilities. When their incompatibilities are extreme, how are they supposed to handle it?
    • officegirl
      Well if they stay together at all they would end up leading almost totally separate lives, which when they did intersect would depend on each of them suppressing a lot of themselves.
  • I am very socialble and outgoing, while my other half is an introvert. Sometimes I find this annoying and difficult. However, after 23 years together, something must be working.
  • You could say my husband is total opposite of me in the fact that I'm as blonde hair blue eyed and fair skinned as can be and have very blonde almost white hair that goes all the way down to the floor and I wear very thick glasses while my husband is as dark black as can be and has very good eyesight. He is also very tall 7 foot 6 to be exact while I'm only 4''11". Though I almost always wear very high heels which with them on can bring me close to or even over 6'.
  • I don't usually seek out partners. They usually find me. I guess I'm attracted to those who show me attention. But it doesn't work out. I suck at relationships.

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