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  • No never even thought about that before. Or noticed that. What would make you think we need to see his penis before we are interested? We just like someone and so we want to be with him. We might like certain of his features or find them endearing but we would have already been intimate with him before we notice his penis. And a lot of the time I am not even looking but feeling - whether him up me or touching him. Yes some men are more aesthetically pleasing down there than others and more good to look at but makes no difference in feeling them. At least to me. Its just them and if we like them we go with what we get .
    • dorat
      You misunderstood me. I didn't mean that you would not be interested in a guy before you saw his penis. I only meant that if you were going to compliment a guy, I think you would mention his dick before you mention his balls. (Honestly, my gf was just finding a different way of telling me that she was in the mood. We had a good night. It's been busy lately. It was a nice change of pace and as I say, I'll take a compliment anywhere I can get one. Ha.) Still, I had never thought of it before - was surprised that my gf did and was wondering if any of you ladies had ever thought or said that before. That was all.
    • officegirl
      Would never have thought to compliment that. Men like to be told where they are unique as compared to other men so in complimenting I mostly go for those things.
    • dorat
      Oh well. I'll pick that up and run with it. Besides, they worked well enough to give me three children.
    • we are dough
  • If by sexy, you mean disgusting, then yes.

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