• Yes, Online banking is secure..
    • Wenso
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  • Only with banks that you have a direct account with. People often get scammed through email with fake sites that appear to be legitimately from the receiver's bank (or Paypal) - but are trying to direct them to a page where they can get the person's personal information. I NEVER respond to an email no matter which financial institution it claims to be from. If I receive a notice, I'll go to the website through the links I know to be safe. I recently had to get a new account number at my bank because I must have let my guard down somewhere.
  • I don't have to worry about it. My banking info is not on line. I use old fashioned paper checks and paper savings account booklets. Believe it or not, they still get the job done.
  • Yes. I've been online banking for probably near to 15 years and have little but good to say about the online banks that I've used.
  • sept is pretty safe ,but ya can always still be cheated anyways { some lose money and some wont even know they have lost it } .... still i wont use it ..hackers hack and can outsmart at times

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