• 9-30-2017 My cable bill is automatically taken out of my debit account. The electric company wants a bunch of bs paperwork and an extra $2.50 per month to do that. They can go to h*ll. It costs them more than that to send a bill in the mail. So every month I walk to their office and pay the bill in cash.
  • Neither. I pay my rent and tithes in person and my phone is automatically deducted from my debit card. (Wish I could do that with my rent and tithes too!) Power and water are included in my rent and I have no other bills.
  • I used to get bills via postal mail. However, there was mail theft in my neighborhood, so I requested online bills.
  • Mail but I pay them online.
  • I can't afford for things to be hacked and messed with, so I keep all banking, medical and bills off line. Safer and easier to keep track of. Usually, my mailbox has a lock and key for it, so I am happy with that.
  • I've gone paperless with all my bills. my insurance company emailed me about going paperless and I signed up. It's pretty nice and it saves trees I guess. Only a couple are auto debit like my water/sewage and healthcare. everything else I pay online.

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