• 9-30-2017 My cable bill is automatically taken out of my debit account. The electric company wants a bunch of bs paperwork and an extra $2.50 per month to do that. They can go to h*ll. It costs them more than that to send a bill in the mail. So every month I walk to their office and pay the bill in cash.
  • Neither. I pay my rent and tithes in person and my phone is automatically deducted from my debit card. (Wish I could do that with my rent and tithes too!) Power and water are included in my rent and I have no other bills.
  • I used to get bills via postal mail. However, there was mail theft in my neighborhood, so I requested online bills.
  • Mail but I pay them online.
  • I can't afford for things to be hacked and messed with, so I keep all banking, medical and bills off line. Safer and easier to keep track of. Usually, my mailbox has a lock and key for it, so I am happy with that.
  • I've gone paperless with all my bills. my insurance company emailed me about going paperless and I signed up. It's pretty nice and it saves trees I guess. Only a couple are auto debit like my water/sewage and healthcare. everything else I pay online.
    • notyouraveragedummy
      Trees are a renewable resource.
  • All of my expenses are scheduled to be paid online. The bills are all scheduled for the first week of the month and when my disability check gets posted in my account I immediately start accounting for each payment in my checkbook and have the entire pile of bills paid in 5 minutes.
  • Both. Some companies does offer it yet 😒

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