• Hi! Neither. I am a Christian but do not believe in celebrating Christmas as a religious holiday simply because it is not the day Jesus was born. We keep a secular holiday and it has fallen to me to feed family and friends. When I was newly married I offered to do it and I've quite been designated as the official cook/hostess ever since. So bring a chair (we really don't have enough!) and take a plate. Goodness this year I had to do Thanksgiving meal as well. Wish me luck.
    • RareCatch
      Who is Jesus? Any relation to the Easter bunny? Dec. 13
    • Ice man
      Good luck.
    • officegirl
      Thank you.
  • Xmas is just a merchants day!! Dec. 13
    • Ice man
      Soooooo that's a Bah- humbug ? lol
  • Christmas just sort of wore out its welcome. Whatever it was supposed to be, it never made the grade. Although it worked pretty well for Coca Cola, who invented it.
    • Ice man
      Coca Cola, Really ?? And here I thought it was the Charles Dickens story of "A Christmas Carol" that started it all. Goes to show you what I know. ; )
    • Jewels Vern
      Most of the current impressions of Christmas were formed by Bing Crosby.
  • A little of both. It depends on who I'm shopping for. I go all out for my husband and close friends and family, but I feel a little more "Bah-Humbug" when I need to get something for other people.
    • Ice man
      I think that's both reasonable and understandable. As others are pointing out - Christmas has become too commercialized and very expensive. ; )
  • On Christmas eve i go to my grandma's house and we open presents,and on Christmas day,i open the presents my mom and dad got me and then we go to my aunt's house.
    • lilylights
      Crap i misread the question... sorry :c
    • Ice man
      That's okay, I would still call all your activity as "going all out". Thanks for answering : )
  • I love giving gifts! But I don't wait till Christmas to give gifts. I give them all year long. Christmas used to be a lot more fun when I had children around.
  • its boring, my family is jewish and my friends wont ask me over
  • Bah-humbug for me. I don't celebrate Christmas but I do love Jesus Christ. He is my Lord and Saviour.
  • boring, my family is jewish and noone ever asks me over
  • no, my family is jewish so i dont bother

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