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  • I noticed the problem On Dec.4,2016
  • I think so I got all kinds of email from here. Dec,05
    • Ice man
      When, what date did you last get an email notice? I just looked back at my email log and the last entry from AB was Nov.30, and I've gotten a bunch of answers to questions since then. Including your's here today.
  • Thank you Admin, it's now back on track. Dec.8,2016
    • Ice man
      Or should I say "very recently". : )
    • we are dough
      I'd rather you didn't.....
  • Though it was my own answer since I had to update status on the issue I inquired about without an option to delete the question, the email notification feature came through on it. This was just a day or two ago.
    • Ice man
      Sorry to hear you had a problem with it. I haven't had the problem recur since Dec 8th. I know that sometimes when they are adjusting things or adding something new to the site it can cause conflicts with existing programs. Then I expect they have to go through miles of code to get things compatible and back on track. That might be what you have just experienced.
    • we are dough
      Or the Russians are snowed under at the moment checking out Donald videos.....
  • Bummer I'm glad they got it fixed.

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