• Yes.. Especially friends who don't want to be reminded of their age. I call them first thing in the morning.
    • Ice man
      Hahaha Remind me to never give you my phone number. : ) Thanks
  • Sure do~doesn't everybody? Dec. 04
    • Ice man
      Some people has a personal assistant for that. I (on the other hand) am not rich and still scribble on my calendar Thanks : ).
  • I don't have a paper calendar but I put anything I need to remember in my phone calendar
  • Yes, I am very organized and I have everything on my calendar!
  • OMG I mark all kinds of stuff in my datebook.....when bills are due, when I need a haircut, appts., etc.....could not LIVE without it!! if ever lost it.........heaven knows what I'd do.........LOL
  • I use the calendar on my iPhone.

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