• This is a tough situation. Teachers tend to be smart, so your only hope is that she's unethical, or has been searching for a way to discharge you from her class by any means necessary. In these cases, your secret's probably safe. Otherwise, your best bet is to run away. Finding food on the streets is generally the toughest part of being on the road, but that obviously won't be a problem for you, so your prospects for success are quite good - short term success anyway, and that's good enough for you.
    • Black Mystique
      Never run away~! I'm old. Every issue and thing in life is important to you. But running away without a plan and longer-term support only makes it worse. Call the help line, take to your counselor, get support with other kids that are like you.
  • What's "ana"?
    • nicole drye
    • Bootsiebaby
      @Nicole: That means your question reads "What do you do if your teacher finds out your anorexia?". What about it? Did you mean "What do you do if your teacher finds out your anorexia is worse than it was before?". Your question failed to post in full, so it is virtually impossible to answer unless you can explain what you meant.
    • nicole drye
      what do I do if my teacher finds out im anorexic
  • What is an "ana"?
  • Never !!! I am old. Each issue and thing in life is vital to you. In any case, fleeing without an arrangement and longer-term bolster just exacerbates it. Call the line, take to your instructor, get bolster with different children that resemble you....

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