• If everyone else is driving one.....meaning if you take the human drivers off the road, I'm game. I can imagine me driving along and then here comes a crazy driver.
  • I wouldn't want to ride in one!
  • I've driven somewhere in the neighborhood of 6 million miles and can tell you about a lot of stupid shit I've seen on the road, and I'm not really in favor of self driving vehicles. In a constant and perfect world they would marvelous. But we don't live in a perfect world and there are just too many variable factors to take into consideration. Some examples might be - overloading weight capacity limits, power and braking ability when faced with wildlife crossing your path. The ability to negotiate extreme hairpin turns, severe inclines (both up and down). How will they react to tire puncture at highway speed? What happens when a mechanical or even a sensor failure occur and the vehicle just stops dead in the road? Then of course there's good old mother nature - let's throw a blinding snow storm into all the situations I've already mentioned and how do you suppose you'll fair then ?
  • I don't trust them (due to), technical glitches. They can cause more issues for companies with loss of life, particularly in public being too burdensome.
  • at the rate they are killing people I don't believe the technology works. If a self driving car killed a member of your family who is accountable? The way tesla has their self driving programed to turn its self you just before the accident they want to blame the driver. It doesn't work at this point in time will it ever work I doubt it but watch corprate scum keep wasteing money on it. Theres alot of other things we need first.
  • Do those Captcha things that have you prove you're not a robot still have you identify stop signs and traffic lights? I'll be more comfortable once AI routinely beats those. Bicycles and busses too.
  • Even less than electric cars.
  • I don't know but WikiLeaks said that electric cars can be used in assassinations, because another is able to hack into the car's system. I wouldn't trust a car with my life, but it's amazing how many people I now see reliant on their bleepers that let them know how close to cars they are, rather than their own skill, quiet frightening all the freedoms and independent ways of life we are willing to give over for laziness.
    • bostjan the adequate 🥉
      Do you think that non-self-driving cars will not be susceptible to the same hijacking in the future?
    • Creamcrackered
      Of course they will be.
  • At this point, they are too new for me to totally trust them, so I'm NO rush to buy one!!!

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