• add T-shirts 🙃
  • make it like the old site was plus add chat before 2017.
    • Nosmo King
      I don't see any new features being added before 2017. We'll be lucky if they add new features before 2018.
  • We have to have a notification system on site. An email thing is useless for some, like me. I'm not going to use email and this at the same time. We need a way to private message. We need dates/times on everything. "Some time ago" does not work for us; I've been around a long time and have never seen anything this poor opened for business. Oh well, I hope work is continuing. I don't believe there is a friend-making mechanism or rank/points system either. The thumb on each comment is somehow irritating too. Would like like/dislike buttons or better yet, add or subtract points like the old Answerbag.
  • I'm new to AB, but this seems pretty cool. Way better than Yahoo Answers. I guess I don't have the history to judge.
  • An app. Needs an app.
  • This new Answerbag is kind of nice!! its sleek and looks great!!- Are there many users on it?..
    • Skunky Stinkerson
      but there are tons of problems with this site- its like- still in beta form.
    • Nosmo King
      What is a "sleek and"? Have you missed a letter out? Or a word? Or both?
    • HungryGuy
      I was able to log on to my old Answerbag account, so whoever put up this new Answerbag must have also purchased the old database. But how many of these people are actually active? Probably just a handfew so far.
  • There needs to be the option to edit or delete a question, answer or comment and a notification system to alert us when our questions, answers, and comments have been interacted with.
  • give us the thumbs up and thumbs down option as with the old AB. Better dates on questions and answers
    • Temperance Brennan
      There already is a thumbs up button but I agree that we need a thumbs down button. Preferably with its own counter to better clarify what is considered unhelpful which I believe is just as significant as what is considered helpful.
    • Jewels Vern
      We do not need a thumbs down button. If you disagree with something, say so. A thumbs down is equivalent to a drive-by shooting.
    • Ice man
      I have to agree with Jewels, you have a keyboard to speak your mind.The thumbs down is too easy to abuse & IS the equivalent of a cowardly drive by assault.
    • Temperance Brennan
      I see where you are coming from but wording your disagreement is even easier to abuse as it enables trolling/verbal abuse. Besides comments would still be an option, so one could do both.
  • Invite Donald Trump to moderate?
    • Nosmo King
      I wouldn't be surprised if that jackass already has something to do with the moderation on this site.
    • Temperance Brennan
      Hopefully, AB's revival IS NOT because Trump bought it. XP
  • I must also add that AB needs to allow paragraphing. Having my longer answers condensed into a single large block of text bugs the hell out of me.
    • Nosmo King
      I agree with you on that one.
    • officegirl
    • Hardcore Conservative
      Hell yeah.
  • Make sure people learn the correct definition of "troll". Let me put it another way. Posting sexist trash is being a troll. Posting harmless questions about animals is NOT being a troll. Period.
  • I must express another need. Last night I gave an answer to a question that had at least 100 answers and while it shows up in my profile it doesn't in the question itself, nor did the question's counter reflect it. I don't appreciate this, that answers apparently stop being displayed and counted after a certain point. That isn't fair. The number of answers doesn't define the helpfulness of each answer or guarantee redundancy. BTW, are the administers actually going to see this thread?
  • Well I'm back on so it should get
  • If you're still connected to any of the old regulars, let them all know!!!
  • I'd like to know who made the comment on my answer. And when someone comments on one of my comments on someone else's answer. Most of the time these go ignored because I don't even know they're there I don't get notifications.
  • First we need to buy the free press and replace it with propaganda said repeatedly so all will parrot what we say, even the retards who DONT have to wear the helmets. Then....we tell them there's an enemy...make one up is fine, just we gotta hate together to stay together. RA! (oops. sorry *wipes* Okay then we win, but the only ones who gain by it are me and 5 other members, who know who they are. Old members? so. Members with "coat" in their name? GET LOST NARCY BOY. Um what else...oh yea, practice doing this "Hey, look over there!" YOINK! Alright, NOW you're ready to be a republican
  • The old AB had a number of close friends who knew what the others thought and liked. Today there are childish people here who ask silly and idiotic questions just to get into the number one position. That didn't seem to happen on the old AB. The adult section was a true adult section with good questions and answers, not silliness. Now it seems as if someone doesn't like an answer given they put down the person often profanely. I doubt seriously if there could ever be a true AB like there was at one time.
    • Hardcore Conservative
      I agree, Thinker. Asking tons of questions just to stay on top is dumb. Some people just like to see their names on top.

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