• Wow~! That depends on lot of factors. A friend is having his house built in Colorado, but he already owns the land and his father already has the contractors. He was also looking at the permits, the design, plumbing, etc. Most, don't have the have all that figured out. I believe you'll have to look at a construction loan if you don't have the cash.
  • If you are asking about the area of "Fife" on the east coast of Scotland, I would suggest seeking advice locally because building restrictions can be very strict in old areas. Seldom can you build whatever you want and local councils will have a big say in what you can and can't do as well as whether or not they will issue permits. That goes for renovating older homes as well. More often than not they'll tell you the only kind of roofing you can use and what style of window are permitted in that area, and the list goes on and on.. Should you decide to go against the local administration and build or renovate as you please ... they will make you tear it all down at your own expense.

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