• Choose the smaller one. That's where you'll be missed. Large events means no one is that important.
  • Do the same as I do,stay home and enjoy the peace.
  • There's a couple of ways to look at your problem. Your mother is hosting a large gathering and I'm sure you'll be missed, but will your parents disown you for not being there? No they won't, Mom will be pissed but she'll get over it, and remember she doesn't wash your clothes anymore. Now, your wife on the other hand can make your life a living hell for a long time. So if you ever want to have sex again ... I suggest you have thanksgiving dinner with your wife. I also think you'd be smart to try and steer your son in the same direction, but ultimately it's his decision to make so if he decides to go your mom's don't disown him either. Good luck and I hope this helps.

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