• There are special relaxation glasses which help improve one's eyesight. They are black with lots of tiny holes.
  • There are some good Yoga exercises for strengthening eyes. Lazer surgery and Lens replacement can be fantastic. I had my lenses replaced because of longsightedness and astigmatism and I now have 20/20 vision. Just my brain is taking a while to get used to this new bright world.
  • when it comes to reading, no exercises can help. Laser eye surgery is a solution but if you need glasses you need them, there's no way to avoid that... sorry!!!
  • I improvemed my eyesight by myself just doing tremendous practical research on the natural methods that exist. I was pushed by my co-workers to place my eye exercises/herbal medicine/eye Acupressure system that I combined for myself on the Internet. Here you go: - FREE and WORKING system
  • supposedly carrots are good for your eyes... So try eating lots of them
  • No. There are plenty of snake oil salesmen who'd like to sell you methods of doing this, but it is in fact impossible.
  • Laser eye surgery is over the top as far as I'm concerned. Its expensive ($2-3000) and isn't guaranteed. For just $90 you can get an eye exercises program that has more success and less cost.

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