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  • Any way you want. The most important thing to do is practice and practice often.
  • The same way as always: stimulate the glans (the point where the head meets the shaft on the underside of the penis) with the ball. Some (dare I say many?) women get their tongues pierced specifically to enhance sexual stimulation for their partner! Most, if not all, women's tongue piercings are like tiny barbells that have no points or edges, so there is no risk of injury to sensitive male flesh...
  • Ummmm... Barbell got your tongue? You mean... you can't take it out temporarily to perform oral sex???
  • I have three tounge rings and pressing your tounge gently on the shaft and head as you go up seems to make a difference but don't press too hard cause you could hurt them, and thats no good. Give it a shot and let me know how it turned out.
  • Most males i have talked to about females with there tongues pierced say that they enjoy oral sex more if they have it done than the females that dont. I have had my tongue pierced for over a year now and my boyfriend at the time loved the dice ball i had in but most males prefer the normal round ball. And if the male does not like the tongue ring you can always take it out while doing it and put it back in when you have finised.
  • it depends on the person. If your giving with or without it your man should be happy either way. he should be happy he is getting it at all.
  • Thank all of you for giving me our opions and sorry it took me so long to get back to you guys but I will definitly try most of the stuff and let you guys know how it turned out and I am hope it will be good. Thanks again Mary
  • You must be a female, if you were a gay man you would never be asking this question. Isn't the point of getting your tongue pierced to provide additional stimulation during oral sex?
  • You should do it the same way you did before. Usually a tong piercing makes the oral sex more pleasurable.
  • hell i got my tongue pierced jus 2 suck my my man's dick..its still n tha healing stage and i need advice on how 2 do it
  • Having had four female partners who have had pierced tongues, and three without, I must disagree with rawr.760. Males get their tongues pierced for their female partners clits (cunnilingus). Women get them for two reasons: 1) their female bi-friends, and 2) to help themselves feel like they are sexy/ wild ... a status, if you will. Female tongue piercings have little good use for their male partners that an un-pierced tongue can't better do. That is not to say that women don't get their tongues pierced in an attempt to provide some good fellatio, but it's better use is for cunnilingus and NOT fellatio. Sadly, it just looks better/ sexier for a women to have her tongue pierced, and not much real use in the oral sex category. In my 40+ years of living, I have never seen, nor had the experience of anything different. My current fiance, does a superb job of fellatio without her tongue pierced, whereas my ex- was absolutely horrible, and much clumsier after she decided to get her tongue pierced. Ultimately relegated the bar to her storage tin, and let her tongue heal.
  • my partner has always loved how i gave oral and said i was awesome and i love doing it to. I got my tongue pierced yesterday and gave him oral 2 hours later (not recommended yea i know) and apparently it was even better. So yea you just do it exactly the same as always just when you move ya tongue he can feel it better. The same sensitive spots are still the best. Hope it helps.
  • I would advise cooling the piercing before giving head. I have found that a cool piercing combined with a hot mouth can give your partner intense pleasure.

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