• I was a passenger in the car last summer when my husband accidentally blew a stop sign. When I tell you that I am "wholesome", I mean it.
  • Having done an illegal Left Turn (they had changed the intersection since the last time I had been there), had a brake light out, and had no proof of insurance on me, and not pulling over because I didn't think they were after me. After all that, no ticket, she was very nice and understanding.
  • When i was in the seventh grade i thought it would be cool to be a skateboarder. i went to this school where it said "no skateboarding" on the wall and i did anyways with my friends. when the cops pulled up they asked us to leave. thats about as far as my history with the law has gone.
  • Traffic tickets.
  • Well, I was about 15yo and I got myself involved in a bit of organised crime. I worked for (for lack of a better word) a gangster. He lent money to people and then needed others to go and get it. Basically myself and 2 others got sent to a guys house to get some money. He did not have it and because of that the guys I was with broke one of his hands (I did not touch him). Within a week the police came knocking on my door and I was arrested. It was his word against mine, I did not tell the police anything and was let go without charge. Other than that, there are a few minor juvenile offenses, breaking an entry, shoplifting and criminal damage. I am glad to say it was many years ago and I have grown up since then!
  • Shoplifting when I was a caught,was finger printed,had to go to court,paid a fine and never did it again.
  • Two things: 1. I got a $91 citation for jaywalking from the Los Angeles County Sheriffs Department 2. An ex friend and I were out one night and little did I know she was psychotic, she was waiting for a hot guy she just met at the local fast food joint. So she was bored and decided to do "donuts" in the parking lot really fast. The cops were hidden in the shadows parked across the street. They pulled us over immediately and 4 cop cars came and even a K-9 unit and they even put their spotlight on me in the car while they spoke to her out of the car.
  • I got caught driving twice driving with a suspended license within the last 3 years in Pinellas county, FL and I had to spend two separate nights in the county jail. I never want bologna or peanut butter sandwiches ever again.
  • I am a good girl. No trouble with the law.

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