• Clothes (number of days * 2 worth of each type of article), toothpaste, hair gel, cell phone charger, portable DVD player, dress shoes, hotel confirmation...
  • Business cards, and a checklist... Yes, a checklist of everything I need to take on trips that I will essentially forget if I dont use it.
  • toilet paper (where I travel not everyone has it) mosquito repellent (malaria and dengue fever abound), stomach tablets (for Bali belly), a First Aid Kit (you do not want open sores...besides, you spend at least some time fixing up the local kids and doling out panadol), hairbrush, shampoo, toothpaste, sandals, sunscreen, a hat, and enough clothes to rotate so that when I change them twice a day (as I have to sometimes)I still have some to wear, Passport and funds.
  • Aloe Vera Gel for sunburn, an elastic rope and pegs for hanging washing up, travel wash for washing smalls, books, babywipes, ipod, crayons and drawing books, first aid kit, not forgetting the clothes/shoes etc.
  • The usual stuff, and things I might forget go on a list - shower cap, a little bag with small amounts of first-aid things we call "the pharmacy," hand sanitizer. Gut there's another thing I REALLY recommend every traveler carry. I've snapped a photo of it. It's a caddy for the things you take out of your pockets at night - change, glasses, etc. Or earrings, wristwatch, and like that - things that fall off the nightstand and disappear. This is an inexpensive fabric one whose corners snap to make a shallow tray, and unsnap to lie flat in a suitcase. I've seen beautiful leather ones too.
  • "Toiletries", makeup and hair stuff, and my sexy undies.. hey ya never know.. ;)
  • Tea bags, kettle, iron, allergy pills, pain killers, senekot, immodium, my pillow, slippers, and the usual stuff mentioned!
  • Antibiotics, FirstAid Kit, Small sewing kit.Sunglasses Passport Credit Cards. Cash. Quick fix kit to get me to my first destination. Old comfortable sandals Change of underwear and Wash kit Change of clothes. Anything else i will get locally where i arrive since that is not yet known
  • Sudocrem,plasters,painkillers,hangover tablets anything medical i can think of.
  • Sudocrem,plasters,painkillers,hangover tablets anything medical i can think of.

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