• The Flying Spaghetti Monster lives above the influence.
  • the quote you are referring to is in regard to sinful mankind. i would hope that most would think that God is several cuts above imperfect man.
  • After studying various arguments for and against the existence of God, I can conclude one of two things MUST be true; 1) Our conceptions of God are wrong; He (?) is not all-loving, all-powerful, etcetera, or.... 2) God does not exist! Option #2 renders the question moot while option #1 allows for the possibility of God being capricious, corrupt, and/or merely inept.
  • Since a human being, Lord Acton, created that statement, his words cannot be taken as "gospel" or applicable in every context. Cerainly, in the area with which he was concerned, human political power, Lord Acton was correct, but God is not a flawed human. He is above that. He is omniscient and just. His acts of power are for the ultimate benefit of humanity. If He let it go its own way, it would wipe itself out, or would have already.
  • It lives Him as the only one who can be trusted with it since He is, by nature, incorruptible.
  • As always, the exception to the rule.
  • sitting on the moral highground with the rest of the do-gooders.
  • In perfect control of everything as He always is. And, as tomslims said, He is the only One who can be trusted with it anyway. :) +pts for another great question, Javert. They really make me think. :D -In the Master's service. Thank you and God bless you!

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