• Men of all shapes and sizes, nice or not! i never no my type till i see it :>
  • nice eyes for me then rest follows :P
  • I tend to be attracted to the face first.
  • well, everyone is different! i tend to like blonde men with beards.
  • I like men with friendly eyes and a nice smile. I like them to be quite well built and not skinny. I would never date anyone shorter than me (I am only 5 feet tall so it's unlikely). I like really masculine, manly men with hairy chests.
  • I would say men with a nice face. If they have an awful face it is a bit of a turn off (even if they have a nice body). Plus they can always go to the gym, if they have an ugly face there is really nothing they can do about it. Although women are more accepting than men when it comes to imperfections. I like nice eyes, NICE TEETH (very important-it is ok if they are not perfectly straight but they have to be healthy!!)
  • i don't really know because my men got it all :)lol
  • That's a hard one! I think I'd have to say a nice face! Although a nice body is always a plus! ;D
  • It varies from one to another, but I probably notice the face before the body.
  • Most women would rather date a guy with a soso body and a hot face than the other way around. Women like to kiss and be close and we just can't do it with a male buddaface. Eeeeeeeeeew!
  • Forgetting about non-physical qualities, I tend to go for a big teddy bear of a man. He feels fluffy, but he looks big and protective. I feel safe with a king-size man, especially since I am a queen-size woman. And like Chopsy, I absolutely hate the muscle-bound body builder look. Ew. Give me Richard Karn or John Goodman over any professional fighter. And, I've never really seen an ugly face. Not on someone who grooms well. Ugly only means scraggly and unkempt to me, and then oh BOY is it ugly.
  • i love a cleanly shaved bald head.... very sexy
  • I read some years ago that women are almost fatally attracted to men with ugly faces. The uglier the face, the more they get allured. Maybe some women may want to comment on this.
  • Synergy
  • As a woman I can honestly say that it's not possible for me to give a list of physical aspects without giving thought to personal qualities. In my opinion, NOBODY is attractive unless they their personality makes them so. There are certain physical traits that I'm less attracted to because they are elective and tend to come from personality traits that I don't care for. But in my experience, a man who is friendly, kind, genuine, sees the good in others, is reliable, has a healthy self esteem, but is humble, will be very sexy even if he looks as far opposite of a male model as possible.
  • I love beautiful eyes, great legs, a nice smile and a sexy voice...
  • guys dont need to be so good looking but not ugly, aslong as they have good body.
  • The face. The face is what expresses who you are - they also hold the eyes and lips. The body is a plus :D. Overly muscular guys are a turn-off, however. If there is only muscle on his body, it's fairly repulsive, in my opinion.
  • I'm not going to forget about qualities just because you tell me to. Qualities are VERY important. Why should I base whether or not I'm attracted to a guy based on just his body or his face alone? To me, that is very lacking in substance. I might as well date a poster if that's how I'm going to judge whether or not I'm going to be attracted to someone.
  • Well-smelling feromones, appropriate age, healthy look. However, behavior is the ultimately first thing.

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