• Give them food.
  • Okay, I rather the deer stayed away because you can't believe the damage they can do, and trees as well. But if you want to feed deer, best thing is dog food. Yes! Dog Food! But remember deer are herbivores and dogs omnivores favoring meat. So you want a dog food with very little or no meat in it. Try something like Punina Beneful. Now for attracting deer to the food. They love apples, plums and pears. If you have close neighbors they are likely going to hate you for feeding the deer. If your food runs low the deer will eat your landscaping, hedges, trees. Males in rut or demossing antlers can rake them on your car causing extensive damage.
  • Grilled, with a baked potato.
  • Deer can be very dangerous and will strike out with their feet, even their front feet can be dangerous. So don't feed them by hand. But you can place hay and a salt lick for them and try seeding a Game/deer mix from your feed store/livestock store and growing all sorts of plants and grasses they like. Then you will be inviting them to dine with you.
  • 6-7-2017 Deer go crazy for roses. You can plant roses to protect other crops.

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