• Well.. AS I'm half Italian Would you care for a home made Vegetable Lasagne with Aubergine and some freshly made Garlic bread?
  • You could expect a casserole made with seasonal organic vegetables and pulses along with nut cutlets or spicy bean burgers, naturally vegan having been vegan 12 years
  • Pie. I make a smashing Puy lentil pie.
  • If you were vegetarian, the menu would be different but a typical dinner party at my place would include Shoyu Chicken, BBQ Ribs, Chili, Lomi Salmon, Poki, Sour Cream dip with vegetable sticks, peach pie, and an assortment of drinks.
  • As I am a chef for a living, if you wanted real home-cooking, I'd probably prepare something regional, Pennsylvania Dutch. Maybe some Sauerbraten with Karteuffel balls, or Shepherds Pie. Pork and Sauerkraut is also a big hit here.
  • Eggplant parmiagiana with spaghetti.
  • I make a killer Meatloaf and homemade 3 cheese mashed potatoes. OR My favorite chicken dish- garlic chicken, with basil, and my 3 cheese mashed potatoes and steamed broccoli. YUMMY!
  • I would make reservations to an Asian restaurant. I don't entertain.
  • you would have what I always eat hot oatmeal, toast and a beer
  • You can expect something Italian. Maybe something from a Rachael Ray cook book. Her food is delicious. You cannot expect Cajun food because I don't know how or like to cook that. For that, you will have to come to a family get together. lol But, you are more than welcome to come. : )
  • I would make my famous apricot & sweet potato caserole.
  • You would expect a stir-fry with vegetables and chili chicken with rice.
  • Well, I would probably make bacon wrapped filet mignon..butttt..for the vegetarians..I could throw in a nice salad and baked potato..little tofu just for that added kick..LOL Never cooked for a vegetarian to be honest.
  • As a vegetarian, I would make my Portabella Stroganoff served with a coconut milk based risotto. All vegan optional.
  • Well if you love vegetables then you have come to the right house. Fresh creamed corn, zucchini and squash sauteed in onions and butter, lima beans, sliced tomato's marinated with cucumbers slices and what every great southern woman can cook - cornbread. I also love to cook many different pasta dishes. My husband says I must have Italian ancestory. LOL
  • probably some cornish game hen, a bowl of mead, a fine shepherds pie, and plenty of tripe
  • I could go two ways. Belgian or French with a great stew made with great beer, fennel and butternut squash slices roasted with a fresh tomato sauce, Of course a wonderful sinful dessert. Or I could do something Thai or Vietnamese, which is how we usually eat, with summer rolls with lots of fresh herbs, Tom Yam soup, sriracha chicken. Lime basil veggies, coconut custard for dessert.
  • This is hard to explain, but I'll try... Chicken breast stuffed with Wensleydale and cranberry cheese, wrapped in bacon. Covered in tamatoes and baked. With sweet potato mash. Cheesecake for dessert. Lots of wine, and a game a Trivial Pursuit or Scrabble
  • either moussaka with roasted vegetables and warm crusty bread or piri piri marinaded chicken, pepper, mushroom, onion and cherry tomato grilled kebabs with a big cruchy salad. It would depend on the weather
  • fresh vegetables from the garden, and butterfly garlic jumbo shrimp on the grill.
  • lobster ravioli, a little wine, fresh fruit, fresh baked breads.
  • I would cook a wholesome bemba (from zambia) dish. Nshima, village chicken, buffalo meat, impala meat, dried fish, kapenta, beans, chikanda, vegetables in groundnut souce, mopani worms. That would also tell you a lot about where I come from.
  • Probably some boneless fried chicken that was marinated in my special, secret blend of herbs, spices, and hotsauce, mixed greens (collard and mustard), some kind of dinner roll, some fried sweet corn, and if I'm up to it, some mac and cheese. I'm all about southern foods lately - very fattening, but satisfying!
  • Anything you want. you name it ill look for the recipe and cook it for you.
  • Chicken Parmesan. Chicken in pasta with sweet tomato sauce. Hamburger helper with turkey meat. Pancakes, turkey sausage, scrambled eggs with home fries.
  • Meatless ndn tacos. Good stuff! 2/21/23
    • Linda Joy
      What makes ndn tacos different? What's in them?
    • dalcocono
      Ndn tacos are built on a piece of frybread instead of a tortilla. Otherwise they can be made with any sort of taco filling you like.
  • I would want to cook your favorite foods, if I knew what they were and how to cook them. How about big butter beans with cornbread, macaroni and cheese with sliced raw onion and tomato? Do you like greens or hot sauce with that? Sweet tea to drink? That's kind of a Southern US vegetarian meal.

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