• Yes of course. Many boards are pretty much the same. Try a bunch out and only buy what you feel comfortable on, don't listen to other people telling you what the best is. If you get good enough at skating, you can skate almost anything.
  • girl skateboards.
  • Tony hawks suck..they are heavy and quite thick. Element Fiberlight are expensive but they have the most pop and they wont break. The ollies are nice and high. Habitat are also nice. They have really nice set of concaves and get the job done.
  • it all depends on your skate style... there are diff kinds of boards for different stuff... theres a ton of different shapes/curveratures for boards... personally, i like Element Helium boards... and the trucks have a big impact on how you ride too... they are most of the weight on the board. but t.h. boards arent the best or the worst... its totally preferance.
  • plan b are the bomb digity ' espescialy th green pj ladd for 72.50$ and go with autobahn wheels ang bones beaerings and go with krux trucks
  • depends on what kind of skateboarding you do. i like planb and element

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