• well ants don't breath, they don't have lungs, and they don't have organs. They have a head, a thorax and an abdomen. (top part, middle part, back part) respectively. They basically have three instincts too, get food, make home, don't die. since they dont have organs they don't have blood either, they're so small that they;re controlled by a little nervous system or something. Google may better explain it?
  • The first answer is wrong, sorry dillon, they do have organs (except lungs), and they do have blood. See for more.
  • In insects, the blood (more properly called hemolymph) is not involved in the transport of oxygen. (Openings called tracheae allow oxygen from the air to diffuse directly to the tissues). Insect blood moves nutrients to the tissues and removes waste products in an open system. Source: An insect has a circulatory system that carries food, but not oxygen throughout its body. Since it does not carry oxygen, insect blood is green, not red like mammal blood. The insect heart is a simple tube running along their backs. Source:

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