• Yes. He bought a drink, pumped his gas, and left.
  • now that i think about it, i haven't. I don't think it's anything more than a coincidence though?
  • Yes Tescos Bridgend the petrol station is just opposite South Wales Headquarters. They often are seen filling up.
  • I have absolutely NEVER seen a cop pumping gas at a gas station...I was beginning to think that they had their own special gas thing at the police
  • Most big city police departments have their own gas station but officers are issued gas cards in case of emergency's or they get it authorized via dispatch. They have their own mechanics and valets that insure the tanks are full and the oil is fresh.
  • ya, i was tempted to run a red light jsut to rub it in his face lol
  • Here is the official police answer to police cars and gas pumps. Most police departments have their own gas pumps. they are located at each precinct station. The trend has changed and each officer is now given a gas credit card for gasoline. the reasoning behind the gas card vs. precinct gas pumps is this...... Officers having to go out of their jurisdiction to testify in court has always posed a gasoline problem, especially if the officer has to go to another state. since most police vehicles are assigned to the officer, the gas credit card was a natural. also, in cases of pursuit, the officer can now fill up at any gasoline station and carry on with the pursuit. This has been an extremely excellent idea. if i go to roll call and immediately receive a code 3 call, i now know i can fill up after the emergency, anywhere. This is a safety feature for the public, as well as the police officer. it keeps the police vehicles out in the field and closer to your home, if you need us.
  • Most Police Departments now days have their own fuel pumps. Also many have a contract with a local gas station to get their fuel at a out of the way type island. Meaning the Gas Co. were they buy fuel has a area away from the station were local businesses can come and pump fuel from. The last two gas company's that I worked for had their these little pump islands near or along side of their warehouses & storage plants. Also if you ever listen to the PD on a scanner much. You will hear them telling their dispatcher the time & mileage of their car when they are getting fuel so to keep records on were your tax dollars are being used. Then their are some who just fill up at a local station. Plus they get the free coffee & donuts for they earned it.....M.C.S.
  • No I havent, but it does not happen very often! Police stations have their own petrol supply in the stations car park (normally underground) and police only need to use normal ones when they have been out for a very long time! I also think that stations have a system where they fill up all cars regardless of if that car is from that station or not.

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