• Vodka, Tabasco sauce, tomato juice, pepper, lemon juice, salt, and Worcestershire sauce. As far as curing a hangover, I'm not going to claim that it does or not; however, many people swear that it is the best way to cure a hangover. At the same time, if you drink too many of them, you'll end up drunk again and back to where you started. :-)
  • Add a celery stick to the above recipe. A Bloody Mary is not the only drink that "cures" hangovers. Mitigating a hangover with alcohol is called "the hair of the dog that bit you." It's an old-fashioned expression.
  • I like pickled asparagus in my bloody mary.I would also prefer lime rather than lemon as kim said.It really doesn't 'cure' my hangovers,but sometimes it can make me feel a little better by giving me a buzz all over again.
  • I read an article that mentioned tomato juice contains fructose, a type of sugar that helps your body metabolize alcohol more quickly. This is probably why the morning-after Bloody Mary seems to help with hangovers.
  • I use gin when we do tourments at the Country Clubs - Tomato juice - tabisco sauce - worceshire sauce - lemon - salt and pepper /twist of lime - celery sticks - For hangover cure leave out the Alchol
  • The tomato in Bloody Mary drinks is supposed to help with a hangover, but drinking more alchohol to cure one is ludicrus. You should get plenty of sleep, and DON'T drink coffee and take aspirin. That does NOT work, and it might make your liver explode. See the website below.
  • I prefer my Bloody with a couple of green olives. And I appear to crave them the day after. Lots of hot sauce, hold the salt please.
  • Any kind of alcohol in a moderate amount helps a hangover. This is not the reason to drink them though. Drink them because they are good. I like them very much. I don't like them too spicy, just a tad spicy. Mr. & Mrs. T's Bloody Mary Mix and some vodka makes a fine Bloody Mary and you then don't need to buy all the other stuff. I like an olive in mine as well, sometimes a slice of lime. A stick of celery is good too.
  • It takes a long time for the body to metabolize the alcohol. So, when you feel the hangover, your body is processing what you drank. By drinking more alcohol, you delay the metabolic process and therefore temporarily relieve the hangover. I'll admit, I have done this before because it works, but it has be considered slowly poisoning yourself.

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