• Yes, very much so. I thought it was pretty bad myself...
  • this pretty much sums it up!
  • It was a very good movie, i just hate how it became such a hollywood thing. I saw a t.v. version of Titanic years ago, and while the effects weren't nearly as good, it felt a lot more real and in touch with the reality of what happened.
  • I liked the movie, but I didn't find it to be "greatest movie of all time" material (and on a prudish note; how many of the highest grossing films of all time showed nudity?). Half the movie's popularity came from teenagers making a fad of seeing it multiple times in the theater.
  • It was a good movie - a very good in parts - but it wasn't an "epic" film by any means. Certainly it was worth the price of viewing once in the theater - but I wouldn't buy the DVD unless it was in the bargain bin at a price point of ...let's say $1.99.

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