• No No and No.
  • No, I think it looks dumb and feels weird.
  • I don't mind a trim, but I'm not into completely shaved.
  • Never, how ridiculous. At least not THIS woman. What a dangerous thing, a useless thing to do. And why would you ever start doing it and go through the painful regrowth stage. Ouch ! and YUCK!
  • i would say....Trim. I mean lets not get outta hand and give me a hair ball (eww that was gross)
  • I love it when a guy is totally shaven... I really hate going down when my bf has been too lazy to shave. I think its sexy.
  • Definitely shaved. The sex is so much better. The skin on skin contact without hair in the way during sex is so much better. My boyfriend shaved his pubic hair on my request and he has not gone back since. He now gets his waxed professionally on a regular basis. Believe me guys, it doesn't matter if a girl likes you or not, the moment she see's your shaved area, she will drop to her knees and give you some regal head. Nothing turns me on more than a hairless d**k.
  • "find attractive" may not be a good phrase...a real close trim/shave feels most luscious to both as it heightens sensitivity. close your eyes and imagine a both feel EVERYTHING when you stop in deep.
  • Some women will and some won't. I shave, I always thought that I wouldn't want to put my face in pubic hair, so why would she. Plus, I believe that it feels better with more skin touching skin. Leaving patches is up to the individual. On girls, I prefer shaved, patches are fine. I'm not into forests.
  • Yes. Especially since some of you EXPECT oral sex.
  • yes, at very least trimmed
  • My husband used to shave his entire body while we were dating. I hated it because when it would grow back, particularly in his private area, it would get stubbly and some ingrowns would occur. And even though he is well endowed, it always made me feel like I was fucking or sucking off a boy who had not yet reached puberty. I made him let it grow out, but keep it trimmed up. A woman needs a little hair down there to make her feel like she's fucking a MAN, In my opinion.
  • No. I want hair. I dont want a preteen boy. Gross. If you had no hair...I would have laughed and left. There would be stubble and stuff.. Men need to be men, anyways for me. I like hair. Shaved...LOL
  • It can be either way for me, depends more on who it is.
  • I shave the whole lot, and am still a man, i don't understand the pre-teen boy argument, as it makes it look bigger, and when presented by my 5.5 inch hard on and balls you'd know you had a man!
  • I am a gay male and i LOVE the feeling of my boyfriends hair on my face, but in return he likes me to trim mine. Its all about opinions, some women may like there guys cavemanish, athletic, trimmed, or shaved. Just go with what feels best for you and your current partner
  • Very, I hate seeing a big old bush! A bush is so unattractive!
  • Nothing worse than having to go to the dentist for a haircut.
  • I like the balls to be shaves but his pubs to just be trimmed other whys when you have sex and it rubs on a girl it feels like barbed wire
  • I would never ask a man to do such a thing. Men in general tend to be hairier than women. A bald you-know-what floating like an island in a sea of body hair would look silly, and the only way to make it look right would be to shave everything from the neck down. Who's got time to do that? Groomed is another story. Not trimmed, necessarily, unless it's very abundant, but clean. No loose shed hairs hanging around because they weren't washed away. No bits of tp stuck anywhere. That kind of thing.
  • Not this one.

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