• I find that it only goes so far, then you let the lawyers do the talking. (Unless you mean war, then no.)
  • It really doesn't. It causes more damage.
  • yeah it does if someone messes with you kick there ass knock the fucek out of em bitches!after there fucked up knee down and make them suck your kidding thats for fun but really kick there ass if they mess with you
  • Yep fighting is immature, and only instils the feud within both people involved making it a deep grudge. But, it is all well and good saying fighting is no good.. but when angry, pereptions are altered greatly. People snap abd just cant help it ^^ It is also a question of social morality. If your walking along with your girlffriend and someone runs by and happy-slaps her, then fighting is definetley justified. Acting on a moral imperative to protect the weaker or valued ones in your life is probarbly the only real justified way to fight someone. This may cause more waves than it calms, but anger or a hunger for vengance is a tool from the stone age for natural selection; it is something our flawed race cannot begin to take REAL control of.
  • nope, but girls always are with the winner,
  • No, It just causes you more problems, fighting with your mind Is the best way to go =)
  • start with negotiations and then war.
  • Yes, if you win the fight.
  • Only if you are fighting to protect someone else from harm.
  • If you're Scotch-Irish and the other guy is too, then fighting solves EVERYTHING! REDNECKS RULE!!!
  • yes if u fight for the right not unnecessary fights.
  • Not even 10% of cases - to be honest.
  • It rids the world of some of the aggressive people.
  • Way back when I was at school, I got bullied quite a bit, then I discovered that you can discourage bullies by hitting them back, so in that circumstance, yes.
  • well in my case its has solved a hell of a lot more problems than it has ever caused
  • yes ......
  • no it just hurts
  • Stress relief.
  • It depends on what it is over and why your fighting. If someone atacks you are your family and you cant talk them down are run then you must fight. Other fights that should not solve anythang sometimes do. when its a fight with someone you know it can cause conversations to happen that would not have are get a person to think about why it happend and that does solve problems. when you know how to fight or have a gun and someone is going to be seriously hurt are killed you can solve that problem. Most times it takes police 10min to get to a home in a populated area it could take a very long time in the country. If they could get there let them do there jobs if not It will be very hard to live with knowing that someone is seriously hurt are dead because you did not help them.
  • Well If I did not get into fights i just might start shooting people, So for me Fighting is alot better.
  • Yes. In self defense it keeps you from being victimized. +4
  • NO, not at all, it creates more and more problems. Only the "Peace","Solutions" and "Discussions" will solve all the problems.
  • It solved World War 2. We could've asked the Nazis nicely to stop, but I don't think that would have been very sucessful. Fighting solves lots of problems, it just creates some in the process. Sure, it's almost never the best way, but it does have its pros and cons. The biggest advantage to physical solutions over just negotiation is that it's much faster. I don't support fighting, but when something works, it works.

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